Very Protective Mama Elephant is the World’s Best Crossing Guard

The road where it happened runs through a forest in India, a country that is home to approximately 27,000 Asian elephants. And, like their counterparts in Africa, Asian elephants are highly intelligent, emotional, very social, and determined to look out for each other.

That determination to look out for fellow elephants is what was going on here. Traffic up the road had already been blocked by police and once this mama elephant chased the cyclist far enough down the road, she turned around and the reason she was behaving like this was soon revealed. She was serving as a crossing guard!

An entire family of elephants suddenly emerged from the brush and made their way expeditiously across the road. Watching the video, which is posted below, you’ll see that older elephants are surrounding a younger one as a protective escort.

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Very Protective Mama Elephant is the World\'s Best Crossing Guard