Joys of motherhood — Mama elephant shows her baby how to eat pumpkin


The Elephant Nature Park is an elephant rescue and rehabilitation center in Northern Thailand that supports the herd during their difficult times. They help elephants and several other species of animals such as dogs, cats, pigs, and many more animals in need.

One of the baby elephants, Pyi Mai, still learns to feed on her own, and her mother, Khuam Moon, and nanny Sri Nuan teach the baby how to eat pumpkins.

The baby elephant roams around the vast field and plays with the pumpkin as if it was a ball. Pyi Mai is later accompanied by two majestic elephants, her mother, and her nanny.

Baby elephant

They have a vast stock of fruits for their baby elephant Pyi Mai. The young elephant, who looks adorable, is excited to see different fruits and tries to eat them. However, Pyi Mai cannot understand how to break the pumpkin at first and roll it around.

The mother elephant, Khuam Moon, demonstrates how to eat the delicious pumpkin by breaking the fruit with her feet. Pyi Mai quickly understands the steps and breaks the fruit on her own.

She then gladly takes a bit of the fruit and eats it. The baby elephant is a quick learner. However, she needs to grow a bit more to squash those pumpkins properly.

The baby elephant seems elated by her feat and happily enjoys the meal given to her by her mother Khuam Moon and nanny Sri Nuan. Even the mother and nanny are happy to see their young one having a happy meal.

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