Mama goose is watching for her nest alone, until this friend showed up! Aww..

There’s few things as moving as watching two completely different animals becoming best friends with each other. We, as people, always find reasons and differences to fight and divide between each other, so it’s naturally exciting to see two being who are not even in the same species and can’t speak to each other, and still become best pals. In the following video, you will witness one of these amazing cases. In it, we’ll find out about the friendship with a deer and a goose!

According to many different studies and researches, geese are one of the only animal species who are truly monogamous once they find a perfect mate. After they’ve mated, they assume a role: girl geese take care of the nest, and boy geese protects his partner and the eggs or babies. So naturally, if one loses the other, it can be pretty devastating. The goose in this video is seen guarding her nest all alone, and no male goose is to be seen around. But after that, we see that she has made friends with a deer, and he even sits close by to her, as if he was the new protector of this adorable family. I almost want to cry again remembering it, you have to watch it for yourself!

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