Mama hen keeps her babies safe from the rain

Mothers are always protective towards their babies, whether you talk about animals or humans. They will do everything to keep their children in a safe environment. Recently, a moment captured by a person garnered a lot of attention.

The incident happened in Visakhapatnam, India, at a local fish market when it was raining heavily. The mama hen was trying to keep her little ones safe from the sudden downpour.

Not just hens, almost all female animals are known for their maternal love towards their babies. They do as much as possible to keep their babies safe and help them feed. Wild animals, such as orangutans, feed their kids till they are 6-7 years old.

The mama hen proved that even animals loved their babies more than themselves. She kept her wings wide open so all her little chicks could be safe from the rain.

The mama chicken turned herself into an umbrella for the little ones, who kept on hugging their mother tightly to be safe from the rain. She stood in the shower with her wings spread apart so all the chicks could fit in.

It was evident that, like many parents, she was concerned about her babies falling sick if they got wet in the sudden rain. However, she was not worried about her own health. This proved that mothers are the strongest & the most caring individuals for their children.

The mama hen’s love for her children was unconditional. At least 5 of the chicks could be spotted taking shelter adorably under their mom’s wings. It felt as if all the chicks were snuggling with one another.

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Mama hen keeps her babies safe from the rain