Mama moose saves her babies from grizzly’s kidnapping attempt

Nothing comes between a mother and her kids, whether you are a human or an animal. This was recently proved by a mother moose in Glacier National Park in Montana, USA. The mother moose was enjoying the weather with her two calves near a lake when a grizzly bear decided to approach the family.

Initially, the babies and the mother moose stayed in the lake. The mother kept an eye on her babies to keep them from drowning and the nearby grizzly bear. The bear was looking for an opportunity to grab one of the babies and run.

However, the mother moose understood the bear’s intentions. Nonetheless, she stayed in the water for some time. Finally, when the bear came too close to one of the babies, the mother could not stop and chased the bear.

She dashed out of the water and chased the bear away. When she saw that the bear was far away, she returned to her two babies. Soon afterward, the bear began slapping the ground to scare the babies and the mother.

However, the mother moose was in no way to get frightened. Instead, she chased away the bear further away so that her babies could roam around freely. By this time, all three members of the moose family had come out of the lake.

The distance between the babies and the grizzly bear had increased, thanks to the bravery of the mother moose. Despite the distance, the mother kept an eye on the bear, who sat at a distance staring at them.

It was as if the bear was still hoping to grab one of the babies and run. However, the bear had no idea that the mother moose was also watching his activities. She was ready to chase him if he dared to come any closer.

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Mama moose saves her babies from grizzly\'s kidnapping attempt