Mama Panda Sees Baby Panda Wandering Around. What She Does Next Is So Sweet.

It’s one of the hardest things about parenting… whether you’re a human, cat, dog, or even a panda – dealing with a youngster who does NOT want to sleep. Managing to stay patient while soothing them to get some rest is very trying. Many times, they are just SO wired that the thought of sleep is impossible for them. We could all be as patient as this mama panda that we see in this video.

It takes place at the Taipei Zoo in Taiwan. We see this panda cub first crawling around its indoor cage. There are workers milling around, though we only see their feet. It’s evidently tired, but it does NOT want to go to sleep. His mother is sitting outside, chewing on bamboo. Then she gets the universal Mother Signal: Baby No Want To Sleep. That is unacceptable. Baby needs sleep! It’s Mama Panda Time!

Mama takes the initiative and first tries to just lead Baby back to bed. She walks out of the room… and Baby turns around and starts going in the other direction. Hmmph. When Mama realizes that she’s not being followed, she turns around and comes back into the room, and after a bit of maneuvering, she grabs Baby by the scruff of his neck, much like a cat does with her young, and drags him to the next room. Then she picks him up and cradles him for a bit.

She knows that this is just Baby being Baby. There’s no snarling or anger. She’s efficient but gentle in her dragging him along the floor. It’s evident that she’s done this before. The end result is a sleepy baby. That’s all that matters. Soon she will be able to go eat more bamboo. It’s a win-win kind of day for her. We can’t drag our kids by the scruff of their necks, though. We can give them the same kind of hug.

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