Mama sheep got loose, and five months later she gave birth to this creature

We usually don’t come across a lot of hybrid animals because it is very unusual for different species to breed with each other. These hybrid species are rare, but they are always fascinating and exciting to watch. The following video features one of these exceptional animals that took the internet by storm a while back, and it is no wonder why. This hybrid is a combination of two adorable animals that no one would think would breed together.

Meet Butterfly, the geep. Now you might be wondering what a “geep” is. Or maybe you can guess what it is. Trouble your minds no more because this video is going to show you! And trust me, you are going to fall in love with this unique little beauty aptly named “Butterfly.”

A female sheep somehow got loose and ended up breeding with a goat. This doesn’t come as a surprise since sheep and goats are related. The surprise, however, came in the form of Butterfly. This tiny baby from a petting zoo in Arizona is a goat-sheep hybrid, aka “geep” or “shoat.” Geeps share the characteristics of both of their parents. This rare species was first recorded in 2000.

Butterfly has the face and feet of a goat, while her body is covered in a wool coat, just like her mother the sheep. Can you imagine such a thing? Watch the video below, and you won’t have to guess. You can see it for yourself.

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Mama sheep got loose, and five months later she gave birth to this creature