This Man Is Able To Hold A Unique Show With His Horses! You’ll Be Wowed!

The world is populated by over 7.5 billion people. Each individual that makes that immense number has talents particular to themselves. For example I pride myself in writing and doing art, you might be a musician or even an amazing cook. Everyone has a specific talent and in the case of Lorenzo, he is a professional horse trainer!
From a young age, Lorenzo has always been around horses. He practiced traditional horse riding as a child, and he eventually moved on to horse training and showmanship. Now, Lorenzo has performed in numerous countries over the course of his career. In the video below you can see as he stands onstage at the Stockholm Horse Show with two of his horses. But that isn’t nearly enough. He slowly brings on more and more horses, and the audience is completely astounded by this stunning performance.

From performances such as the one below, it’s clear that he has a special connection with each of his horses. He is able to ride them while balancing on one foot! That’s really impressive. The fact that the animals enjoy collaborating with him makes him all that more amazing.

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