Man Asks 3 Dogs The Same Question. The Third Dog Responds With A Surprise

Here is a real treat for people that just love pet videos. I can’t get enough of watching the trouble that dogs always get themselves in. And it’s great that these moments are so easy to share with everyone now.  This video first went viral back in 2011 and you’ll see why it bears repeating here because it’s so amazing.

Denver is a yellow lab that is pretty famous for a lot of videos at this point, what a character. She was still really a puppy when this clip was done and it shows one of the best reactions that has ever been caught on video. This video shows the best side of this dog’s personality and I am totally in love!

There is an important issue in the house that needs to be discussed and Dad means to get to the bottom of things as he lines up his three dogs for some old fashioned questioning. Each dog is asked a question on their own and you have to hang in there to see Denver last because the way she handles the interrogation is the absolute best thing ever!

This is such a classic and we hope that you enjoy it even if you have seen it many times before. We think it really is worth taking a second and third look at and would love to hear from you in the comments section below. Share this again as it is bound to still be funny to your own family and friends.

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