Man Attempts Scary Rescue On A Wild Timber Wolf Caught In A Hunting Trap.

It’s always very dangerous and not recommended to go messing around with any animal that may be injured or trapped in any way.  Sure, the animal would love your help in a tight situation but just think about its instinct and it’s learned behavior over thousands of years to fear humans and to protect itself against us. These factors could lead a wild animal to react very badly to a human even though the person is just looking to help out.

It would require the cleverest of thinking in order to get the animal to even cooperate. The video below shows some amazingly heroic footage of a man doing just that! He and his friends come up with an ingenuous method in order to help out a wild timber wolf that has been captured in an illegal hunting trap device. The wolf is injured and there is no telling what kind of shape the animal is in or how long it’s been stuck and in need of assistance.

Thankfully this man and his friends came along and knew what they were doing because this is one tricky situation for sure. Please check out the daring footage below and then let us know what you think of it in the comments section. Share the video clip with your friends and family because it is truly inspiring.

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