Man Has Back Turned To His Bride-to-be. When He Spins Around She Doesn’t Even Have a Dress On

One wedding tradition of long-standing is that the groom shouldn’t see his bride-to-be wearing her wedding dress until she’s walking down the aisle. If he did, it would supposedly bring the couple bad luck. This superstition is falling by the wayside, and many couples now choose to indulge in a “first look.”

This turns things completely on their head: the groom sees the bride in her wedding dress even before friends, family, and other guests get a peek. Beth and Tom Gardner decided to go the “first look” route on their big day. Unbeknownst to Tom, bride-to-be Beth, had an ingenious and absolutely hilarious twist prepared.


We’ve posted a video of their “first look” for you below. It starts out with Tom, looking great in his suit, on a picturesque bridge. The wedding photographer is having him look one way while Beth approaches from behind. Once she’s close enough, the plan is that he’ll turn around to see her.

All set and ready to go! Beth makes her way onto the bridge, and when Tom turns around to see his lovely bride-to-be, he’s face to face with… A tyrannosaurus rex! Far from jumping out of his skin (or jumping off the bridge in fear for his life), Tom immediately burst out laughing. Then, being a perfect gentleman, he helped Beth out of her goofy costume.

It’s nice to see this pair of lovebirds have a similar sense of humor. It could make for a long and happy marriage. As they say, a couple that plays together stays together. Didn’t you like Beth’s brilliantly hilarious wedding day prank?

Man Has Back Turned To His Bride-to-be. When He Spins Around She Doesn\'t Even Have a Dress On