Man And Bear Both Scare Each Other When They Have A Surprise Encounter

Bears are marvelous creatures. They’re intelligent, even to the point of being able to open jars and door latches. They’re omnivores, ready and willing to eat whatever nature (or man) make available. Bears are very efficient: in winter, when food is scarce, they simply sleep through the entire season! Their cubs are adorable, but beware of mama bear’s sharp teeth and enormous claws.

As the human footprint has grown, there have been inevitable collisions with bears. After all, there’s only so much space out there. Moreover, there’s often food to be found in human-inhabited areas. Bears will eat just about anything they can get their paws on and they like some of the same foods we do — bears will do just about anything for doughnuts. A trash can outside a house or a dumpster behind an office building or restaurant could, from a bear’s standpoint, contain a treasure trove of goodies. Bears have a keen sense of smell and better eyesight than you might expect, so if there’s something tasty to be had, you can bet any nearby bear will find it.

And so it was that a young bear wandered into a suburban neighborhood near Lake Tahoe, resulting in a hilarious incident that was caught on video. The bear saunters past a garage door and in something right out of a cartoon, a man is about to come around the corner. The moment when they see each other is absolutely priceless! The man jumps out of his skin while the bear does a 180 and dashes away. This just goes to show that while it’s a good idea to have a healthy respect for bears, they (usually) aren’t out to make us their dinner.

Words cannot possibly do this encounter justice. So be sure to check out the video, which we’ve posted for you below.

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