This Man Brought A GIANT Horse Onto The Field. But When The Horse Starts To Run? WOW!

When we think of horses what normally comes to mind? For the most part we think of tall, elegant, lean animals. Animals that are regal and are extremely proud, they are incredibly smart and make us feel as if they are easily able to read us.

Well that is the case with some horses but not all of them. The truth of the matter is that while a lot of horses do look like this but there are quite a few breeds that don’t necessarily lie up to this standard. The horse in this featured video is one of those animals. You will not believe just how big and strong this horse is!

The horse in this video is a Belgian Draft horse and is named Buffalo. Buffalo is an extremely strong, sturdy horse. You can tell just by looking at him that he is built to do some serious lifting and pulling. That is actually what this breed of horse is meant to do. These horses can get to be so big that they can actually grow to be over 2,000 pounds, now that’s big!

This is one horse that definitely doesn’t fit the mold of the standard horses, however he is still a beautiful horse to watch and the way he moves is definitely something to see.

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