Man buys abandoned firehouse for $1, renovates it and the result will shock you

America has many beautiful and historical sites to show off to visitors. The Walnut Hills neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio, is one of them. It’s one of the oldest and most historic areas in the city. Walnut Hills was a nice and prosperous community way back when.

Sadly, since the last century, it has seen its culture disappear. People have stopped going here and headed for the suburbs. One of its most emblematic buildings burned down in 1977. It was an old firehouse. Isn’t it ironic? A firehouse catching on fire. After its sad fate, it was abandoned.

Kent Hardman is a developer with a strong love for old buildings. He believes that instead of abandoning them, they deserve to be restored so they can go back to their former glory. The minute he sees this firehouse, he falls in love with it as a project. He makes a deal with the city and purchases the building for only $1. I can assure you I am not mistaken. That was $1 for a whole building, burned down, but a building still.

The building would need astronomical amounts of work put in it. It didn’t have a roof and a tree was already growing on the first floor. The city thought that the building was simply not worth repairing. He had to invest a lot of time and money into the project. In the end, Kent transformed this abandoned firehouse into a breathtaking building.

The way he turned around an old decayed building into a modern one is amazing. He did many things to it
He ended up turning the top floor into a loft. He thought this would be the perfect place for him to live and he detailed it in wonderful fashion. The bottom floor is a pizza place. You see, he has always loved pizza, so why go to get it elsewhere when he can have it at home. The name of the pizza place is “Fireside Pizza Walnut Hills.”

He kept the original beams and the old fireman lockers. This would help highlight the building’s rich and storied atmosphere. It’s a unique combination of dainty with modern. People who have had the chance to visit the place, say that it’s quite a tourist attraction. The only thing that’s missing from this building is a ghost story. You know how ghosts are always reported in these buildings. This one doesn’t have one fortunately. Click on the video for the complete transformation!