Man buys ancient cups years ago – expert tells him how much they’re really worth

We all dream of having something in our possession that we could retire from, maybe an ancient artefact hiding in a closet somewhere? Perhaps a barn-find of a classic car? Maybe even an enormous collection of mint condition, original Star Wars figures? Whatever it is, it would be nice to be sitting on a nest egg. And that’s what makes television like ‘America’s Antique’s Road Show’ so popular – except we become so envious when someone scores big!

You’re not going to believe how big though when it comes to this gentleman, who had brought along his collection of antique rhino horn cups. Now, this is something of a touchy subject at the moment – which is rightly pointed out by the antique expert. The rules that govern the sale of rhino horn are somewhat different because it’s an endangered animal. However, these cups are centuries old and apparently, that’s alright. Either way – make sure you’re treading carefully when dealing with anything on the endangered species list. To be honest – we’d rather you didn’t!

Since these cups date back to the 17th century, however, trade is allowed – and this guy is going to be extremely happy about that. He’s been collecting the vessels for a number of years, putting himself out of pocket in the process. He picked one up in Bath, England that caused him to have a cheap holiday for the rest of his time there, and at one point he said he would rather collect these things than eat! That’s dedication for you!

We might sit here and scoff, but in the end, he’s having the last laugh as the expert finally puts us all out of our misery and reveals the auction cost of these collectables. We’re not going to ruin it for you here, so you’ll need to watch the video below to find out how much he’s going to need to insure them for.

What’s even more remarkable, is that he spent a total of $5000 in putting his collection together! That’s an incredible turnaround for a measly five grand! And while the pieces are very beautiful and ornately carved, we just wish they weren’t rhino horn! When it comes to the cost of the animal’s bone, you can see why mankind’s greed has hunted the poor beast into extinction.

Still, we’re happy that this collector is able to seriously enjoy his retirement! It’s time to visit your local thrift store and see what priceless treasures may be lurking there!