Man Cleans Pool And Finds Orphaned Squirrel. The Greatest Thing Ever Then Happened.

Life’s funny about what it throws your way. You can be out minding your own business and suddenly see a helpless animal in front of you. Suddenly, you feel your whole day’s plans shift. Do you help the animal? Is its mommy or daddy around? Will it even recognize that you want to help? The last thing you want is to be running around with, say, a squirrel biting your hand while you scream, “I’M HELPING YOU, YOU LITTLE MORON!” That didn’t happen in this video, though.

The baby squirrel we see in this video is aggressive… aggressively friendly. The man filming this was outside his yard to clean his pool. The squirrel saw him and the first thought that apparently came to his mind was “YAY! FRIEND!” and he rushed up to him, climbed his leg and jumped into his hand. I have to say, if I was sleepy when that happened, I’d be awake in two seconds flat. Forget coffee.

This goes on for the entire duration of the video. He acts like my cat does when I shoo him off my lap – he turns right back around and jumps right back on. My cat’s a lot bigger than the squirrel, though, so it’s just a mite more annoying. If I had a baby squirrel wanting to hang out with me, I’d be taking my phone out and emailing work: “Yeah. Need squirrel day – I mean – sick day.” Think they’d buy it?

While some squirrels would possibly become to acclimated, it seems like this behavior was an aberration. The same squirrel now ignores the man several years later. That’s the way it should be, actually. Nature is working as intended here. At least the man has a really cool lifelong memory, something that he can share with friends and family for a long time to come. Now I need to go take another squirrel… I mean… sick day.

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