Man Climbs Into Tiny Car He Engineered. I Wasn’t Expecting It To Run On THIS.

I’m always fascinated to see what people come up with. We are a very smart species and there are ways that people constantly refine things that are involved in everyday aspects of our lives. Take the car, for example. An engineer from Sweden named Mikael Kjellman wanted to figure out how to ride a bike but marry it with the design of a car. This fascinating video shows him doing just that.

We see Kjellman climb into what looks like a smart car at the beginning of the video. There’s no engine, though. He pedals the car to make it move (think a much more advanced Fred Flintstone), and he steers with handles on the sides. There’s also a grip on the sides to make it brake. If he goes shopping, there’s a little trunk space for some bags. It’s really quite amazing to watch.

Another benefit of a car like this is that it would give people exercise as they drove around. It’d be like a recumbent bike ride every day and they could see scenery instead of zoning out to music at the gum. The controls look like they would be a snap to figure out and stopping also look very simple. Then again, there are people who have managed to figure out how to fall off a Segway.

This is an amazing car that could serve so many purposes for people who live in rural or suburban areas. I would NOT want to be riding this on a highway, though. That would be panic-inducing and would probably cause an accident on my very first go-round. So it’s better on quiet side streets or maybe parkways. There would be incredible savings on gas. The only drawback is that it holds one person. No family outings in this.

Have you seen anything this cool before? I’d drive one, for sure. How about you? Would you drive one? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments section below!

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