A Man Collapses On A Busy Street, And His Concerned Dog Comes To His Rescue

If you have never owned a dog, you may be unaware of the level of loyalty and devotion that these animals can exhibit towards their owners and human friends. It is truly one of the most gratifying and touching things you can witness. Only after raising a dog yourself and forming a close bond with him can you understand the reward of devotion and loyalty that comes from a dog that has been cared for day after day by a loving human. Their humans become their whole world, as you will see in this clip.

This video is an example of the love and loyalty that dogs feel for their humans after they’ve formed an unbreakable bond with them. It’s difficult to imagine that two very different species could know each other this well. You will understand what I mean when you watch it. A man walking on the streets of Guizhou, China fainted and his faithful dog never left his side. The dog seems confused, but confident and certain that this is where he belongs, taking care of his master and comforting him when he needs him the most.

The goes into protective mode and barks any time anyone comes near his human, and when the paramedics arrive to take him in the ambulance the dog still wouldn’t leave him and insisted they take him in the ambulance too. This dog’s determination and loyalty meant that he could face this difficult situation and know that his master was well taken care of.

Watch this heroic and loyal dog in the heart-melting video right below.


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