Man Comes Up With Brilliant Plan To Keep Cat From Startling Him. Cat’s Comeback Plan Amazes Him

Cats are very sneaky animals as we all know, it is embedded in their DNA, it has been years and years of predatory instinct to survive that have given them this. We’ve all seen clips on Discovery channel, where their ‘larger relatives’, the lions have to hunt, they all follow the same pattern. It is usually in the form of being superbly sneaky and finding ways to get their prey cornered and taking advantage of that.

Because of the fact that felines have had to hunt prey that sometimes is larger than them, they will often be very stealthy and use silence in their advantage, and because they often weigh less than their prey, this will usually count in their favor, I mean, have you ever noticed that they hardly make any noise at all when they walk in general or are sneaking up on their prey?

House cats for that matter are not the exception. In their case, they have had to adapt to their setting and have had to rely on this even more as they are usually surrounded by much larger predators, so for them it is not only a question of getting their prey, but also staying alive. Now, with most house cats, getting food is not really a hassle as almost all of them have a very worry-free life, where all they have to do for the day is usually sleep, scratch whatever they can find and that’s about it.

Many animals, when they are placed in a setting where their survival or feeding needs are provided for them, they tend to ‘soften up’. So, if they are ever placed into the wild again, they will be at a huge disadvantage and will usually be at a great risk if they ever have to fend for themselves.

For some reason this does not apply for cats. Cats can be pampered for years and years, but it they ever have to find their own prey or escape danger, they will be prepared to do it. They are very intelligent animal and by nature, are always trying to figure out ways of outsmarting their settings.

One cat-owner has found that out the hard way. Kristian Svenson is really getting tired of his cat, Mulder pouncing at him when the cat fells like it, it will always startle him. The cat has found a way of opening doors. Because Svenson is aware of the fact that house cats do not like water that much, he thought up of a plan, put a large container of water right there under the door handle. Surely when the cat fell into the water, it would deter it to try it again, cats have excellent memories and that unpleasant incident will for sure be recorded, right? What the cat did next, completely blew his mind.