Orphaned baby elephant is comforted by cuddles

This video was uploaded to YouTube by Jono Du Preez — the same fellow you’re about to see having a cuddle session with a baby elephant who was recently orphaned.

The video you are about to watch was captured by one of the staff at the elephant sanctuary Jono was visiting while he was vacationing in Thailand.

There he encountered this precious baby elephant who is coping with the loss of his mom and is trying to fit in with the others. It’s a terrible thing to lose one’s mother. This baby has been through a lot, but luckily he is now safe and protected, surrounded by his new adoptive family and many new playmates.

Jono says,  “I highly recommend this place because they are passionate about taking good care of elephants and their young. Many of the elephants were taken away from people who misused and abused the elephants.” He details more of his heartwarming experience in the video below. I can only say, I’m envious!

We see an elephant calf wandering over to a group of people. He sees Jono on the ground and suddenly thinks he’s his best buddy in the WHOLE WORLD.

He starts cuddling and leaning on Jono and rolling around near him. He even nudges Jono playfully with his head. The guy in the video is solidly built too, but this baby elephant is moving him around like a silly baby sumo wrestler.

This is something that so many of us would love to have happened in their lifetime. He can show his children this video. What did you think? Share your thoughts with a comment below and enjoy!

Orphaned baby elephant is comforted by cuddles