Man Decides To Celebrate Pig’s Birthday. The Way He Does it Is Very Cool And Somewhat Sweet.

Ever since people began to realize the passage of time in yearly increments and that they aged one year every time the earth circled the sun, they have celebrated birthdays. They have also celebrated animal birthdays. “Sabertooth Tiger aged one year today.” “Yes. Og. What you get him?” “A rock.” “A rock?” “Yes. We cavemen. Think we fancy?” I thought of a caveman when I saw the recipient of the birthday wishes in this video.

We see a cupcake sitting outside of a shed. There’s a candle in the cupcake. A man calls out for something… and a huge… I mean, really, rotund… pig comes out. The man starts singing “Happy Birthday” and the pig seems to know to let him sing the whole song. After it ends, the pig snorts and the air blows out the candle. That part is pretty impressive. Then he begins to munch on the cupcake.

While it’s cute that he wanted to celebrate his pig’s birthday, that cupcake doesn’t look like it’s doing him any favors. Unless it was a special kind of cupcake, that pig is getting a big sugar rush, which isn’t good for something that large. At least it was a cupcake and not a whole cake. Then it would be really unfair to have the pig eat something that large and sugary. I know that they eat slop, but that would be going too far.

There’s just something primitive in this pig’s appearance. He has the sloping, jutted brow. It’s like he’s a cave pig. He’s also huge… to the point of possibly being unhealthy. People may think that pigs can balloon to any size and still be healthy. Not so. All that weight has to be doing a number on his joints. Hopefully, he will be able to celebrate other birthdays besides this one. This video was uploaded in March 2016. I wonder if there will be one for 2017.

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