Man Decides To Open Up His Home To 22 Cats. How He Rigged It Up Them Is Genius.

There are times when people like to bring in a lot of animals into their home. It’s one thing if you have a large multi-room house with a spacious, fenced-in-yard or a lot of acreage for them to roam around in… but having 25 cats in a one-bedroom apartment or studio? Yeah, that’s going just a bit too far. I can’t imagine what the stench would be like in that situation. Fortunately, the people in this video have a place that falls into the former and not the latter.

Peter Cohen came up with the idea for this cat house when he initially rescued two cats, but their outdoor activities saw them be hit by a car. Cohen then decided to build an indoor haven and brought in more and more rescue cats. Their total now is 22. That’s not a typo. Besides rescuing them, he champions another cause – Feline Infections Perionitis (FIP). It’s often fatal in cats, but he’s recently been testing a drug that seems to work for them.

Cohen and his two roommates have turned this house into a cat heaven. There are ramps, catwalks, stairs, tunnels, even a koi pond for them to keep themselves amused. One thing is for sure – these cats are never bored. There’s always something for them to climb, jump, chase each other though. One big investment they made were litter boxes and Roombas, those circular self-propelled vacuums, because otherwise the house would smell and be full of cat hair.

It’s great that the three of them are taking in this many cats – hey, if they can do it and keep them all healthy without reaching “Hoarders”-level fith, then they should go for it. Two cats is a lot for me, though. I can’t imagine having 22 of them. Their focus on FIP is noble too. Hopefully, they will be able to create enough awareness to have people pitch in enough money to find a cure.

Would this many cats in your house? It cost them a lot of money to set everything up – could you spare that? What did you think of the video? Weigh in with your opinion in the comments section below!

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