Man Decides To Thank Family By Doing Large Project. I Was In Awe At The Scope of It.

Some people reward their families for their faith and love with trips either tropical or otherwise. They may go to sporting events. Concerts. The meeting of famous people may occur. Then there’s what happened in this video. A man who weathered a lot of bad luck decided to do an enormous Do-It-Yourself project that completely transformed a back yard. This kind of thing works best for those who have houses, obviously.

Darius “Dare” Stevens is an author who writes about being a “Clueless Parent.” Times got tough for a while – money was scarce and his wife shouldered the brunt of it for that duration. He also survived a skin cancer scare. Then their fortunes turned and Dare decided to do an enormous backyard project in their new house to thank his wife and two daughters for sticking with him. This was no ordinary project though… he had gotten a lot of ideas from the website

The backyard kept getting better every day. He added things like a trampoline, and then laaid down asphalt around it. It was a Herculanean project, but it’s one that he was more than up to the task. Dare got help from friends and family member. It’s not like he was going at this COMPLETELY alone. Though that would be really hardcore. Also probably completely insane. That’s just me though.

All I have to say is that whoever buys this house after Dare and his family had BETTER have kids. They had also better recognize what awesome work he did. He’s definitely a great family man. I would have to disagree with the moniker that he bestowed on himself: CluelessFather. That’s the last thing that he is. He knows what makes his children happy and he went through all that to make the most beautiful interactive backyard that I have ever seen.

No, I’m not going to try to do what he did. I’m not adept in any of those things and if I attempted to imitate what he did, I’d probably either break my hands with a hammer or lose one of them to the power saw that he uses.

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