A Man Decides to Film a Tree in the Woods for a Year. What the Camera Captured is Breathtaking

He filmed a tree in the woods for a whole yearThe camera is pointed at just one tree, deep in the woods, for a whole year. The life in the forest that is captured on film is breathtaking. This is a rare glimpse into the very heart of the forest that few get to witness.

A motion-detecting camera in the woods was positioned to capture the image of a tree, and anything that might happen by.  And something did, indeed, happen by. All types of local wildlife can be seen parading past that tree.

Man Filmed a Tree In The Woods For a YearSometimes a video just nails it. This is one. The forest comes alive around that one “special” tree. Who would have imagined?

I suppose technically that tree changes ownership at least five times a year based on who was there last! It’s incredible to witness. I would never have expected so much activity, and I’m a country person.

Wildlife in the forests around us only lets us see a small amount of what is going on. The woods are secluded away from us, and the animals shy away from contact with us. This video gives a glimpse into what it is like when we are not there.

Watch this fantastic video to see how the forest looks when people are not looking. Then share this breathtaking video with your friends.  I feel sorry for people who have visited forests. They have no idea as to what they have missed.