Man is determined to catch the one responsible for taking the teddy bear and the footage is hilarious

Do you have a special ritual you need to do before going to bed? Whether it is drinking a glass of water or sleep with your favorite socks, there is something you need to do before hitting the sack. Some people sleep with teddy bears. Not that I am saying there’s anything wrong with it… I might know someone who “needs” to sleep with a teddy bear. Regardless of what they are, these items provide comfort and make nights a little calmer.

Sometimes things need to be just right for us. If not, we can’t go to sleep. Some of us, like Arvo, even need a specific stuffed animal to keep us company while we sleep. While some dogs like to play with squeaky toys or bouncy balls, Arvo prefers the company of stuffed animals.

According to BarkPost, dogs pick very specific toys based on each one’s personality, breed, fears, and even genetic history. Other times the dogs do it for many of the same reasons that humans do. After being traumatized they turn to stuffed animals for comfort. Many rescue organizations help these dogs in recovering and going back to their usual selves.

“Some dogs always seem to have a soft plush toy like a stuffed animal loosely grasped in their jaws,” BarkPost says. “They march around the house with it, snuggle in bed with it, even lick or suck on it affectionately. Sleeping with a soft toy and mouthing it affectionately is often seen in dogs take away from their mothers and litter mates before they were entirely weaned.”

Avro has a strong fixation with his oversized plush teddy bear. Arvo is always ready to sleep when he can get to bring his bear along. The only problem with that is that Avro sleeps in a very small kennel. Getting his over-sized bear to fit will be a challenge. That does not seem to pose a problem for Avro, he will find a way to get himself and his teddy bear in there!

The cute dachshund decides that he needs to cuddle with his bear no matter what it takes. He starts analyzing how he will go about it. He will find a way to make it fit. The whole act is caught on tape by Arvo’s mom. The video starts with the bear sitting in front of the kennel. You may not be able to see Arvo at this point, but he is there alright! The rest is too funny to miss!