Man Is Driving Along A Highway. I Gasped When I Heard What He Saw Next.

It’s a terrifying scenario – driving along and seeing a baby walking or crawling all by him or herself near a busy highway or street. This is the ultimate test of “What Would You Do?” – do you stop and save the baby or do you anticipate someone else coming out and getting him or her. Personally, I couldn’t live with myself knowing I had passed up a chance to help. Luckily, Bryant Collins, who is the hero of this video, thinks like me.

Collins was driving when he glanced over and saw a baby in the grass near the highway. He slammed on the brakes – “Thank goodness there was no one behind me…” – and ran out and got the baby. He called the police and kept the baby calm with gospel music. Apparently, the father, whose name was Timothy Pickens, pushed a deputy when he saw him holding his baby. That landed his butt in jail.

The best part of this story was that Collins had spent a decade in prison for manufacturing cocaine. He got out of prison and had spent five years clean. Then he got this situation in front of him and he knew what he had to do. Thank goodness for the baby that he was there and shame on his father for even letting that situation happen. Shame on his mother too. Apparently, they had left a 13-year-old to watch the baby.

One of the funniest comments on the YouTube page was “Baby’s looking sideways at him like ‘Don’t get in trouble again, Unk! We’re family now!” This was in 2014. There were no updates about whether Collins got to see the baby again as he got older. Hopefully, his parents wised up about who watched the kids and a repeat of this situation never happened again. That would be a happy ending.

Wow. What a scary situation. It made my blood boil that the parents thought a 13-year-old was sufficient enough to watch a baby. Have you heard of anything similar? Please tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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