A man feeds a stray dog and gets the best reward!

I remember a long time ago when I joined the boy scouts. I got invited by one of my friends from church who had been with them for about one year. I learned a lot of things there, especially things that had to do with the outdoors. But one of the best things I learned was doing good things for people. Helping others does a lot for a person, especially build character.

I was just a kid, but I knew that helping others would be important in my life. I had many jobs that had to do with helping people. Of all the jobs in the services sector that were available, the one I enjoyed the most was selling. With sales, I felt like I was helping people and getting rewarded in the process. I remember working making hospital visits. I was in charge of showing doctors new medications that they could later prescribe.

Most of the medications I got to show were for terminal diseases, and they provided its patients with a better quality of life. When I got a big order from the hospital is when I felt that I was helping the most people. I worked there for a few years and that’s how I got involved with charity work. That hospital had a charity organization that focused on providing care and companionship to elderly patients.

We got to visit many seniors, and just by spending a few hours with them, you saw that they really appreciated it. They had a lot of stories to tell and were happy that there were still young people who were willing to listen to them. I remember one of them telling me, “Son, don’t ever forget to honor those who have been before you. You should start with the elders in your family.”

Working with them taught me a lot, but one of the most important things I learned was to appreciate the simple things in life. I learned to take care of animals and to help all those who I saw were in bad conditions. The following story takes place in Thailand. It’s a commercial from a bank there that has a touching message. It tells a story of how one single act of kindness can turn the wheel of fortune in your favor, and make wonderful things happen to you.

A young man is walking when he sees a hungry, stray dog. He doesn’t think too much about it and feeds the dog. He was taught to be kind to animals, especially the ones who are on the street. He has no idea that the dog he is helping will not only remember his act of kindness but pay him back tenfold by the end of the video!