A man films shocking footage of a storm in the ocean. You have got to see this!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become one of those storm-catchers? I don’t know if you have seen them but it’s a group of people that have special equipment and a vehicle that looks like it’s armored-plated. Their job is to go into the wildest storms and tornadoes and measure the force of the winds and the destructive power each of them has.

I’ve seen a few episodes on YouTube and I have to say, it does take a lot of courage. There isn’t anything on paper that can teach you how to be in this line of work and not get hurt. The power of those winds can tear a car door or even send the car flying several feet into the air. If you were to find yourself in the middle of one of these, chances are you would end up in bad shape, to say the least.

I saw one episode where a team of these tornado hunters was tracking a massive storm in Texas. Radio broadcasts had warned people to take cover and possibly evacuate the area if possible. The driver chased the tornado into an area with a couple of ranches and some houses. The storm had already gone through there and all you could see was the destruction it had left behind.

Several houses were totally destroyed. Fortunately, there appeared to be no injured people at the scene. When the driver was going through one of the streets, he hears a woman calling for help on the other side. He goes running in her rescue only to find that the woman was not injured. She was asking for help because in her property, were a few animals that had gotten trapped because of the intense winds.

The man managed to help the woman free some horses from under the destruction, so this story had a happy ending. Other places where storms get very scary is at the sea. One day, a few people on a cruise ship found themselves in the middle of a storm. One of the passengers managed to record the storm with waves reaching several feet in height. The ship was also rocking back and forth, and it made for a very scary experience. Fortunately, it only lasted a few minutes and there was no one injured.

The next video features a storm in Daytona Beach. One tourist decides to film the storm from his hotel room. He had been hanging out in the beach that same morning but decided to call it a day around noon when newscasters started to inform people of a massive storm heading their way. Everyone retreated to their hotel rooms until the storm passed. The footage that this tourist captures will send shivers down your spine!