A man finds a box in the snow. He wasn’t prepared for what was in it!

Do you believe in destiny? Most people do, although there has been an increase in people who believe in science over destiny. For them, everything is the result of a calculated series of events that take place and can be explained scientifically. This doesn’t only apply to things like the start of life on earth, but to calculating who lives and dies in the animal kingdom.

The law of the strongest is like a big mathematical equation, where only the strongest offspring are the ones who live. Nature is somewhat ‘programmed’ to eliminate the weakest animals. It’s like nature’s way of weeding out the ones who have lesser chances of making it. This is why many Scientologists are so interested in this part of science.

They want to crack the code in the equation and try to find ways of manipulating the ‘equation’ in their favor. For others, coincidences do not exist. Everything has been planned and is controlled up to a certain way by God. Our destinies are already written, and it is very little we can do about it. But what does this have to do with the following story?

Many people believe that we are meant to intervene in various situations. For instance, when animals are in danger of dying, when they get stuck in traps, or when some domestic animals are abandoned. In instances like these where the animals do not have a chance to make it on their own. And this is one of the cases where religious and non-believers clash. Because if an animal is abandoned, he or she will get weak and technically will have lesser chances of making it on his or her own.

This contravenes the ‘equation’ that is supposed to weed out the weaker ones to leave the chance for only the strongest. The case in the following video defies the theories of what is a coincidence and what is something that was meant to be. A man and his son were driving one day on a snowy path. They were very far from any houses.

There had been complaints of things blocking the road in recent days, so they were alert to see if there were obstacles on the road that day. Then, the father feels an urge to stop. He does and then looks to one side of the road and that’s when he sees something that has him gasping. There was a box with something inside which had clearly placed there on purpose. He gets closer and this is what he discovers!