Man finds this while driving along highway. I’m still sweating thinking about it.

This seems like something that the show, “What Would You Do?” would set up, to see how people would react. This was real life, though. There were no camera people, no paid actors, and no controlled environment. This was a true life or death situation for a young baby and it’s a fortunate thing that Bryant Collins was driving by and knew exactly what to do when it happened.

What happened? Well, Collins was driving along a highway and he glanced up ahead and saw a baby in the tall grass. A real baby. Not some doll that some bratty kid might have thrown out the window of their car. Assessing the situation, he stopped and scooped up the kid. After that, he called the authorities, who converged onto the scene as fast as humanly possible. While waiting, he played gospel music to calm the baby down.

It turned out that Timothy Pickens, who was the baby’s father, came outside when all the police arrived. He saw one deputy holding his baby and pushed another one to try to get to the first. Yeah, that earned him a back seat in one police car. What had happened was the baby had been left in the care of a 13-year-old… who apparently had the attention span of a gnat and the baby crawled out.

The biggest part of the story? Collins is an ex-con, having served a decade for the manufacturing of cocaine. An astute YouTube viewer caught a picture of the baby looking sideways at Collins as he held him and commented “Unk? Don’t get in any more trouble. We’re family now.” There have been no more updates in the nearly three years that this video was posted, but I hope that Collins gets to play a part in this baby’s life. He did save him, after all.

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