Man finds frozen cat on his porch. Six hours later, he has a new friend

Cats have fur coats but under extreme conditions, not even a fur coat can keep a cat warm. Countless stray cats have lost their lives when they were unable to find shelter and warmth during a brutally cold winter. Cats bodies react in a similar way to our own when exposed to extreme cold. Like us, they become vulnerable to frostbite once the body cuts off blood circulation to the extremities in an effort to save the vital organs at the center. The paws and ears are the first to go. If the body’s core temperature gets low enough, death results.

During one winter when temperatures had been below zero for weeks on end, a man stepped outside and to his shock saw an orange tabby lying on his front porch. The cat was showing no signs of life except for a little bit of twitching in one paw. Perhaps because he’s a seventh grade science teacher, he knew exactly what to do.

He brought the cat inside and started giving her a warm bath. She wasn’t moving much, but he started to get hopeful once she opened her eyes and started showing signs of consciousness. After the bath, he swaddled the cat in nice warm blankets. His encouraging words actually elicited a meow! That was progress: maybe the cat really was going to make it. “You’re getting there. One more time.” Then another meow. As she warmed up, she showed more and more signs of returning to normal and was rewarded with a mug of milk.

What was really amazing is that just six hours after nearly being frozen to death, the cat was up on her feet exploring the house. Actually, we should say getting to know her forever home. In a nod to the Disney movie “Frozen,” he’s decided to name his new feline friend Elsa!

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