Man Finds Horse In The Middle Of Icy Field, But Look At What’s On The Ground!

The horses in the video below definitely went through some traumatic events, as you will see in the full story just below. It was an icy cold day back in 2013, and a horse mom named Macy got lost in the middle of a frozen field, along with her baby horse Loca. They had almost frozen to death, and had spent quite a lot of time without eating.

The situation was almost completely hopeless, but thankfully a team from World Horse Welfare arrived just in time to rescue the poor horses. Even though they were in critical condition, they could still be saved if given the proper care and treatment on time. The rescue happened with a very tight margin, but in time.

They took her to a veterinary medical center that was not too far away, where they received the emergency procedures that helped save their lives. Thanks to all of these animal help organizations working together, horses like Macy and Loca can get a chance to live a happy life without fearing danger. I love to see amazing rescue stories like this one!

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