Man Finds Kittens Trapped Under Wood Pile In Dumpster. What He Did Next? INSPIRING.

What would you do if you saw an animal in trouble? Yes, it depends on the scenario and how much my own safety would be impacted trying to help. If it’s a busy highway with cars racing around… sorry, can’t help you, since I’m not in the mood to get flattened and possibly cause a multi-car wreck in the process. But if it was something like what we see in this video, then I would help out in a heartbeat.

The man in the video, Cliff, was near a dumpster when he heard faint meowing. It turns out that a litter of kittens was under a large pile of wood in the dumpster. Their mommy had given birth to them in a box on top of the wood and all of it had been dumped there. They were newborns, trapped and in big trouble if no one saved them. So, it was up to him to do it… and he was determined to be their hero.

After a long seven hours, all the kittens were taken out from under the wood and taken to a local rescue group. Unfortunately, one of the kittens didn’t make it, but the others were paired with a rescue cat, who nourished them with her milk. Now the remaining kittens are doing just fine at their foster home, thanks to Cliff’s persistence in his rescue issue. I hope they all crowd him and give him love the next time they see him.

People are so kind to devote their time to helping out these poor animals. They may have had a pressing need to go somewhere else, but they also might be trying to balance a karma scale. Good things tend to happen to those who are selfless. Hopefully Cliff got a promotion at work, met someone nice, came into some money… it always seems like the scales of the universe balance themselves again.

What an amazing video. Those kittens were SO cute. What did you think? I wanted to put one of them in my own pocket. If I had been there, I would have… Please feel free to leave your thoughts on this in the comments section below!

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