A man flies a camera over the ocean. When it zooms in, I can’t believe it!! OMG!

My son started asking for a drone ever since he had the chance to play with one of our neighbors who has one. I must admit that drones are very cool. Who wouldn’t like to see his neighborhood from far up? I know I would. But in an era where privacy is of utmost importance one must ask oneself, how much of it is playing and exploring and how much of it could be considered spying.

Ever since the Internet has helped educate us on the dangers of having our personal information out there or even our own picture, having something hover above you makes you more than nervous about it. Ever since drones came out, they were embraced by sports enthusiasts that wanted to get a bird’s-eye view of the competition.

Events like marathons and other outdoor competitions used it as a means of broadcasting to the world. They gave us great shots of events like swimming, trojan competitions, and track and field. Of course, technology has not gotten to the point as to following an Olympic-100m runner along the entirety of his race, but I am sure we’ll get there in a few years.

Some people started testing it around their neighborhoods, but it made many people concerned with their privacy. So, these people who felt their privacy had been violated started shooting down these drones. This was no joke for the drone owners as their drone would usually be left in a state of total loss. Some places realized that they needed to come up with laws to protect privacy but that allowed the others to use them freely.

Laws were put into place and people had to understand the need for ‘responsible’ flying. Many people also came up with the idea of using them to explore exotic locations or places that would provide the best scenery. Some of them took to the desert where they would be doing stuff like motocross and one of them would be recording everyone there.

Other people like the one in the following video, took to the sea. This man has just gotten his new toy and wants to test it. He would like to know first of all, how much range the drone has. He takes it far into the ocean and after checking the batteries is ready to let it fly. He sets it on the boat and grabs the control. The drone starts to gain altitude until it gets to a height where a good part of the ocean can be seen. Then all of the sudden, he captures the most amazing view you can get in the ocean. Just watch!