A man flies his drone over a burnt down neighborhood and discovers a mailman with a plan!

Do you know anyone who is a mailman? One of my neighbors growing up was a mailman. I was very good friends with him and thought he was very cool. One day, he even let me go with him to work (He actually only gave me a ride for one block). But I did feel like I was working with him. He did an excellent job at the Postal Office and had a lot of friends in the community.

I saw him delivering mail while sick one day. He was suffering from terrible stomach flu but still wanted to go work that day. I asked him, “why don’t you just call in sick?” “Well, there are a bunch of people who are counting on me not to skip a say.” I thought he was very dedicated. If he had called in sick that day, I guess somebody else would have had to pick up his route, but he didn’t want it to leave it to chance.

That day, a woman was expecting a check from her disability. It would be the first check she would get, and the first time she would be able to have a good dinner in weeks. She hadn’t eaten the day before and her son had only had 1 meal that day. Everything had been going very bad for her lately and that check was like a ray of hope.

Her check would be the first one delivered that day. She got her check at 10 a.m. She was by her window when the check got there. As soon as she saw the mailman, she went outside running. “Your check’s here, ma’am,” the mailman said. She was so happy, she hugged the mailman. The woman went back inside with her son and then, they went to get some food.

Another check that he got to deliver that day was for an elderly couple. It was a refund check from their insurance company. The wife had been hospitalized and they had been overcharged for her hospital stay. They had been battling the insurance company until they finally got a refund awarded. The refund check would help them with expenses. “This is why I didn’t skip today,” the mailman told me.

The next mailman might also fit into that category. A man flying his drone over a devastated area catches something he wasn’t expecting. The area had just been devastated by fires and the entire neighborhood was burnt to the ground. Everything looks as if a nuclear bomb had just hit it. But among the ashes and devastation, there’s hope. This is something you need to see!