Man gives food to a stray dog and is repaid with the most amazing karma

It’s not often that a bank manages to produce a touching and heartwarming commercial, but one bank in Thailand managed to do just that. With the slogan “Simple investment, return beyond expectation,” Kiatnakin Bank tells a story about how one little act of kindness yielded all sorts of unexpected rewards.

The commercial starts out with a young man buying some chicken from a street vendor. He’s distracted by a lovely young woman and almost absent-mindedly gives the tasty chicken to a stray dog sitting nearby. This small act of kindness gets repaid and then some. The dog saves a parking space in a busy lot for the young man, fiercely defending it from anyone who’s even thinking about parking there. The young man turns up and parks in this prime spot that’s miraculously available (the dog is hiding behind a post). Now that his benefactor’s car is parked, the dog does his utmost to keep pigeons away, lest they foul the car. He catches another dog urinating on one of the wheels, chases him away, and then grabs a hose and cleans it up! Later on, the dog grabs the man’s book bag and runs off. The man gives chase only to find that the dog has led him to the woman he saw earlier in the day when he was buying the chicken. She’s having car trouble and as the commercial ends, he’s checking the engine.

In a sense, the bank is doing well by doing good. This is, after all, an advertisement for a profit-making enterprise. The story the commercial tells is far more memorable than a cookie-cutter ad about your nest egg or displays of impressive-looking charts. Nevertheless, the bank is also sharing an important message about kindness and generosity. Dogs get chicken, banks get customers, and everyone wins!

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