This Senior Walks into Goodwill & Sits Down at Piano, Stuns Shoppers with Impromptu Performance

man plays piano at Goodwill during Christmas

It’s the season of giving and at Goodwill giving never goes out of style. A generous donor gave us this piano at the Norwalk Store and now this talented gentleman is giving us the gift of song. 

The store owner was moved to tears while recording; proof that acts of kindness can happen in the most unusual circumstances.

Goodwill Piano PlayerLuckily for us, the staff at the store quickly videoed the impromptu concert and uploaded for us to see.

It only takes one person’s talent to create a concert! Many of the people in the Norwalk, Ohio Goodwill store were in shock when a gentleman sat at a used piano and started playing a beautiful song without any fanfare.

While some patrons continued shopping, others gathered around to admire the talent of this musician. It was obvious to all of the people in the store that the man in the plaid shirt, hoodie and blue jeans had talent as he entertained the crowd.

His concentration during the performance was unbroken as he continued to play the entire song without stopping. His efforts were greatly appreciated as many people in the crowd were moved to tears as he shared his movements of joy.

If you enjoyed this talented man’s performance, consider sharing his video because Goodwill does good things.