This Man Is Hanging Out In A Camping Chair When A Bear Comes And Sits Next To Him

It can be pretty amazing to see wild animals up close in their natural habitats. You never want to get too close, because you don’t want to be intruding on their turf and put yourself in harm’s way, but it’s beautiful nonetheless to see nature doing its thing. Whether you’re watching birds migrate or trees transform throughout the course of the year, there are plenty of incredible things for you to witness in the great outdoors. At Alaska’s McNeil River State Game Sanctuary, you can see a gathering of brown bears by the river.

Each year between June and August, the bears come towards the river to hunt for salmon. From afar, spectators can catch a glimpse of this amazing phenomena. You aren’t allowed to get close, but you’re more than welcome to photograph the event! Drew Hamilton was spending a day in the Sanctuary, watching the bears from a distance, when he was met with a huge surprise! Literally.

A brown bear came came up and sat right next to Drew’s camping chair! He took a seat next to the shocked spectator and let out a yawn. There was nothing the man could do but sit back and hang out. He managed to capture the encounter on camera. While he was a little worried when the bear was getting ready to leave, no harm was done and the man was left to continue safely watching the bears gather – though, one might want to get out of there after an event like that!

You have to check out this incredible footage. It’s not common for someone to get this close to a gigantic brown bear, especially one that calm! Let us know what you thought of this amazing video in the comments. Then, share this video with your friends!