This Man Helped A Penguin On The Beach And Became Friends For Life!

I love watching unlikely friendship videos on the Internet. Every time I see an unlikely pair overcoming their natural instincts to be predator and prey, and instead to love each other like family, I am reminded that love is more powerful emotion than even our base instincts.

This remarkable pair, 71 year old widower João Pereira de Souza and Jingjing the penguin, have been friends since they met on a beach one day in 2011. The poor Magellanic penguin was covered in oil and barely alive. De Souza cleaned off the penguin and gave him sardines to build up his strength.

When de Souza tried to release Jingjing back into the wild Jingjing refused to go. The two have been together ever since. Occasionally Jingjing will head off for a few months around February but he always comes back to de Souza.

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