Man helps Rottweiler rescue overcome his fear of water

Dog in a Pool

Recently, Doggy Daycare Farm Trips in Sydney, Australia, rescued a shelter Rottweiler. The dog was named Freddo and was almost 7 years old. Since he spent most of his life in a shelter or a pound, Freddo had zero social skills. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he had become anti-social.

Dogs in a Pool

When he reached the Doggy Daycare Farm, the owner of the farm, Luke, found out that Freddo was extremely scared of water. The first day he was taken into the pool with the other dogs, Freddo looked for an exit with every stroke.

Finally, when Freddo was taken out of the pool, he walked around looking much happier. Luke was determined to help the Rottweiler get rid of his fear of water. So he took the dog to the pool every day, and each day after a few strokes, the dog would come out.

Dog in a Pool

After 2.5 months, when Luke noticed not much improvement in Freddo, he decided to adopt the dog. This seemed to bring a massive change in the dog’s nature. Freddo started gaining some confidence in his swimming skills with some help from his fellow dog friends.

After his own effort and his friends’ help, Freddo soon overcame his fear of water. He began swimming like a fish. To encourage the dogs to jump in the pool, Luke would throw in some toys in the pool, and the dogs would jump right in.

Dogs swimming in a Pool

Freddo was happier in the pool than ever before. He loved to play with his friends and swim around a bit. He also competed with fellow dogs in the water. Soon, the Rottweiler became very social and friendly with other dogs.

Freddo had become a whole new doggo at the Doggy Daycare Farm. His temperament had improved, and he had several friends at the farm. Some of his friends were Pugs, Golden Retrievers, and Boxer dogs.

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Man helps Rottweiler rescue overcome his fear of water