Man Holds Plastic Cup Full Of Sugar Water. I Was Bowled Over By What Happened Next.

Usually wild animals leave people alone. They go about their business and then scoot off if they see a person. That’s fine. They have every right to go about their life in their own habitat. Everything from deer to squirrels to birds. They tend to shun people. There are exceptions, though. Like this video that Bryan Chapman took of hummingbirds that congregated in his backyard.

We see Chapman’s hand holding a large plastic cup full of sugar water. About four or five hummingbirds swarm around it. They want the water. One of them even perches on his hand and just drinks. It’s amazing to see them propel themselves around like this. Even the video can’t properly convey just how fast their wings flap back and forth. They are one of nature’s greatest treasures. In my opinion, at least.

What I find really cool too is how fearless they are around Chapman. Then again, if you could zip around like an atom, then you’d be fearless too. “Hah. Too fast. Can’t touch me. MC Hammer can’t touch this either. Boop. Sucker.” It’s really fascinating to see a couple of them sitting on his hand. If that happened, my breath would be taken away. “Two hummingbirds are sitting on my hand!” Then, I’d faint. Maybe not .

I always love seeing animals from nature interact with things they might not normally. Yes, there is a bit of a lure in his holding the sugar water in his cup, but I don’t think it’s too egregious for Chapman to do this. It just seems like he thought it was awesome that these hummingbirds were in his backyard and he wanted to interact with them the best that he could.

Weren’t these hummingbirds adorable? I want to see one now! Unfortunately, they are not in my neck of the woods. I don’t think a video of me trying this with sparrows would work. What did you think? Please leave a comment!

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