What This Man Does for Homeless People Will Seriously Make Your Day.

Homeless people occupy a weird place in many of our psyches. We feel bad for them but then we look away as we walk by them. It might be a combination of things – we might be afraid they are dirty, smelly, dangerous, or some combination of the three. It’s very easy to not see them for the human beings that they are.

Christmas is especially hard for them. They may want to celebrate, but don’t have the means to and people are walking right past them, preoccupied with their own holiday gift-buying plans. That observation spurred a YouTuber who calls himself “The Random Altruist” decided to go out and ask what these homeless people wanted. Their answers were surprising, ranging from subs from a particular sandwich shop to sneakers to movie tickets.

This gentleman showed the true meaning of the season, going out and getting them what they had asked for. That’s only part of the heartwarming portion of the video. The other is their reactions when they realized what he’s done for them. They range from a hug to a very funky celebratory dance – you must watch the video to appreciate that one.

That’s not to say that that this is a magical panacea. He went out and got them nice things, but these people are still going to be homeless. The guy who ate the subs is going to be hungry the next day. The moviegoer must leave the theater and return to the reality of her life. It’s not like he waved a wand and they all suddenly had homes to live in. Perhaps that will be left for the YouTuber “The Really Rich Random Altruist.” It’s a good start, though and can possibly give us a blueprint on how to interact with the homeless moving forward. If his video encouraged one person to go out and help a fellow human being down on their luck, then the video should be deemed a success.

The homeless must be hardened. They live in a city where they survive on their wits and ability to sustain themselves in sometimes harsh climates. This video reminds us that they aren’t alone, even if just for a day. Leave a comment below if you agree!

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