What This Man Does With A Huge Crocodile Is Baffling Scientists

Running into a wild animal is something you don’t want to happen to you or anyone you know. Unfortunately, this happens very often as we are constantly invading their natural habitat. We have seen encounters of man with bears and even wolves. But what happens when you run into an animal such as a crocodile? Do you even know what to do in that case? Should you run? It might not seem like it, but crocodiles are very fast creatures.

They can outrun a man in short distances even though they are very heavy. There have been countless attacks in places like Florida where houses continue to be built near the places where these animals live and eat. When one of them gets hungry, he does what he would naturally do. He would look for food. This makes it a little bit more difficult to avoid because man is usually very careless with food. I know it sounds funny, but we leave food lying around everywhere. This hasn’t only attracted other animals like wolves and bears in the past. But now it has attracted crocodiles as well.

A farmer in Costa Rica was taking care of his fields when then, out of the lake emerged a crocodile and started heading towards him. He did what anyone there would normally do. He grabbed his rifle, and shot the animal in the head. For some people, this might have seemed a little bit too severe. But it’s not like you’re going to reason with the animal. It’s not like the animal is going to understand to keep away.

Besides, they have a very deadly bite. They also have a lot of teeth and you don’t want to be testing your luck. The farmer went away and the animal was left there to die. One of the residents there did something that everyone thought was just crazy. He took in the animal and tried to make him get better. After taking him home, he took care of his wounds and slowly but surely the crocodile got healthy again. The farmer’s name is Chito and he named the crocodile: Pocho.

Pocho was returned to the lake because Chito knew that his place was out there. He had no intention of keeping Chito. But then Pocho did something unexpected. He returned to where Chito was. Many scientists are baffled by the crocodile’s behavior. Crocodiles never act like this. Chito started wondering how close he could get to Pocho. So slowly he started to learn the way Pocho communicates.

Chito says Pocho expresses his feelings through his eyes. He can tell whether the crocodile is happy, angry, or sad. This makes him prepared to pretty much anything the crocodile does. Many people believe that Chito is putting himself in unnecessary danger every day. For Chito this is simply not true. He says that Pocho loves him and that it would always be like this. He wasn’t wrong, Pocho passed away in 2010. The following video serves as a testimony to the unusual friendship and love Pocho and Chito had for each other.