Man Incubates Egg From Store, You’ll Be STUNNED At What Creature Actually HATCHED!

We all eat eggs – it’s part of my breakfast for sure. At any given time, we have at least a dozen eggs at home. But it never crossed my mind to try out what Alwyn Wils did.

When he walked into a market at Haarlem, Netherlands, he bought a dozen eggs, but with a mind to do something different with them. Firstly, they weren’t chicken eggs as you may think. Instead, he bought a dozen quail eggs!

These unusual colored eggs stood out from the trays of normal colored eggs and decided to place all twelve in an incubator. He was very patient with his new experiment and after a month, one of those eggs hatched!

Soon he had a new furry friend that he named Albert. The quail and Alwyn have become the bestest of buddies and are inseparable!

This is a great way of allowing your curious mind to develop and to be open to trying out new ideas. The great thing about getting Alfred was how his friends and family supported Alwyn.

So if you want more friends, head to the supermarket and hatch you very own furry friends! Since he hatched, Albert has become a huge internet sensation and there are many videos that show him in different scenarios like having a bath and eating. But to see how it all began, you should watch the video below.

What did you think of Albert? Would you try something like this at home? Write in and let us know!

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