This Man Laid Down For A Special Treatment. Don’t Miss What This Horse Does Then! Whoa!

They are known as one of the most majestic species a man has met yet. Horses have been excellent companions for mankind since millennia ago, because of their unmatchable loyalty and strength of will. Their calm yet strong temperament makes them both fascinating and reliable, not only for physical work, but also for psychological and physical healing for humans. Like in the video we brought to show you! It features a horse friend helping a man heal while he just lays down. It’s awesome!

The enormous facility shown in the video is named Equinsity Retreat, and it’s a reservation made for horse built on a 325 acre field, and not only do they take care of horses; they also train them to live along with humans and to be loving and kind. For this reason, they end up spending most of their time hanging out and playing around with humans, helping them in their treatment. Not only that, but they also have the freedom to run freely across the entire field, they really have more space than they need.

In this video, they show us just a small look out of all the beauty that Equinsity Retreat has to offer. It’s amazing that we can have places like this!

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