Man Left Jar of Pond Water on Window Sill and Created an Astounding Science Experiment

When we were kids, there were a handful of fun science experiments you could try at home. One of my favorites was adding baking soda to vinegar to create a fun reaction. The science experiments don’t have to stop when you grow up.

A man went out in his backyard to a boggy swamp. He wanted to see what would happen if you took a sample of the swamp water and left it in the sun for an extended period of time. He brought a jar, scooped up some water, and headed back inside.

Making sure the mud, weeds, and murky water was tightly sealed, he placed it on his window sill. With the end goal of creating a still ecosphere, he already noticed there was life within the jar.

Over the first week, we see that the mud has fallen to the bottom of the jar, and plants have begun to grow. There are also small creatures seen within the jar swimming around. This is truly something extraordinary that we want to try immediately.