When This Man Lost His Job He Became A Busker, Little Did He Know He Would Win Holland’s Got Talent!

Martin Hurkens was a professional baker for 35 years, but the whole time he had been dreaming of becoming an opera singer. He is always a very passionate about opera and at 13 he received a scholarship in Brunssum to take singing and piano lessons. But life is not a fairytale and money problems forced him to leave school early.

So we got a job as a baker and worked to have a stable life. But in 2009 he lost his job. With such a terrible job market Martin when out and started busking on the streets singing for his family.

Later that year Martin saw and advertisement for Holland’s Got Talent. With little left to lose he decided to enter into the competition. It was hard graft; he competed against strong competition, but managed to build up a solid fan base. This video is a performance that he did back on the streets of “You Raise Me Up.”

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