Man Lost On Swiss Alps Hiking Trail Sees A Cat. What She Does Next Is SO Sweet.

If I got lost on a hiking path, I’d be glad to see a cat like the one that we see in this video. I wouldn’t want to see, say, a grizzly bear. Then I think the only video would be a close-up of its face and me going, “AAAAAH! STAY AWAY!” But the moment this kitty lays down on her back and rolls on the ground, I am smitten. So is the man who is recording the video. He clearly knows he has a friend.

He even sees a mouse that the cat had munched on during her time on the path. She’s really sweet and follows him, even allowing him to pet her on the head sometimes. The man keeps up a stream of bemused patter as they walk, asking her questions. She knows that he’s speaking to her so she keeps up. If he had been on the path for days with no food or water, he might have hallucinated her talking back.

What he basically has is a companion to keep him company. He’s not in any real danger. He has food to eat. The cat follows him throughout his walk down this closed path. It was his only option to get down. The man makes a point of saying in the YouTube video commentary that the cat did NOT save him, it just walked along with him and kept him company. It’s a cute story that some places are spinning, but this is NOT a hero cat. Friendly, but not heroic.

Thankfully this wasn’t a Tom-Hanks-in-“Castaway” moment. Yes, the traveler was talking to the cat, but it wasn’t in the vein of talking to a volleyball. He reached the end of the trail and got to his village safely. Hopefully he exercised more caution next time when he went out hiking. Otherwise he might have to repeat this all over again. Then he might wind up talking to a volleyball…

Wasn’t this such a cool video? I love this cat. What would you do if you were in this scenario? Please leave a comment below!

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