Man lost in the wilderness finds the most unlikely of saviours in controversial advert

Shangri-La hotel chain has certainly pushed the boat out with their latest TV advert, and it’s a must watch if you’re an animal and nature lover. It’s still causing a certain amount of controversy though – and if you watch the footage you’ll understand why!

It depicts a man lost in the wilderness, at first appearing to know exactly where he’s going as he makes his way across a snowy landscape. But as ever in such situations, the conditions can turn against you, and he soon finds himself in difficulty as bad weather sets in and night falls. It’s looking pretty bleak when the wolves start to howl, closing in from all sides.

Watching the advert might remind you of the ill-fated expedition and adventure of Christopher McCandless, who famously gave up his privileged lifestyle to hike “into the wild” in Alaska back in 1992. The book and movie of the same name were a huge hit, but it serves as a cautionary tale when it comes to setting foot into the great outdoors – particularly if you don’t know what you’re doing.

As the man in the advert becomes increasingly distressed, the wolves smell blood, and one by one those glowing eyes appear in the darkness of the treeline. It’s a sight that you really don’t want to experience in the real world – but thankfully, this is the realm of advertising, and wolves devouring a man isn’t exactly the angle that Shangri-La hotels were going for!

Instead, with the man half buried in the snow, the wolves form a protective blanket around him, keeping him warm until morning. Or – as one commenter puts it – keeping him warm until he thaws out and they can eat him! But let’s not be too cynical about the beautifully shot advert; in an ideal world, who wouldn’t want to sleep on a bed of friendly wolves?!

Some people are calling it “the best advert ever,” but while we wouldn’t go that far, it’s still essential viewing if you’re a fan of the great outdoors – and wolves in particular. Give it a watch in the video below, share with family members and add your voice to the discussion. Artistic licence at work, or shockingly misguided advertising that might encourage people to try to sleep with a pack of wolves? You decide! But here’s a little piece of advice – please don’t try it! As beautiful as they are, wild wolves are not to be cuddled!