This Man May Have Given His Daughter The Perfect Wedding Gift… Absolutely Amazing

For many people, their wedding day is the most important day of their lives. For businessman Ajay Munot, he wanted to give his daughter the perfect wedding. He knew that in order to do this he had to go beyond traditional and conventional wedding planning. He wanted something that would last forever in the hearts and minds of everyone at the event, and with an 11 million dollars budget, he had plenty of room for ideas.

This was more than enough money to buy them an incredible wedding and a beautiful home ten times over, but it still didn’t seem like enough for what he wanted to give the new couple. Finally, he began to look into what else he could use the money for. After thinking through all of the options and considering all of the ways that the money could be used, he came up with an answer.

Ajay decided that he would use 2.2 of the 11 million dollars to build 90 brand new and beautiful homes for the homeless in dedication to his daughter’s marriage. This newlywed couple couldn’t be happier, and they are enthusiastic about the fact that this day has been made about more than just them and could be used to reach out to those in need and make a meaningful impact. Let’s hope that more people follow this example and use these incredibly important moments in life to simultaneously help out those in need.

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